How to Make Moving Cross Country like Moving Across Town

Whether itís for a new job opportunity or to get a fresh start after a bad romance has gone sour, there are so many reasons a person moves cross country. No matter your reason, you probably have a lot of stuff that you need to take along with you on your journey. To avoid your move from becoming logistically challenging and costly, the following hassle-free tips will help you get from point A to point B.

Ditch the Clutter

Before you begin your adventure, you want to go through your belongings and determine what should stay or go. If you havenít worn certain clothes in a few years, pack them up and donate them to charity. Are your shelving units going to make the ride to your next house or would they be better suited for the junk pile? This is the time to be picky and determine what is going to fit in with your new digs.

Take Inventory of the Remaining Items

If youíre looking to avoid potential stress and headaches from the move, you want to stay organized. You can begin by taking inventory of the remaining items you wish to bring with you. Whether youíre going to hire movers or move yourself, you want to assess the number of boxes, and their size. Take note of the number in case anything is lost or missing after youíve arrived to your destination.

Determine a Budget

A cross country move could cost close to $8,000. If youíre moving during the off-season, you may be eligible for a discount. There are other ways you can lower the price of your move by packing up your own boxes and hiring the experts to do the heavy lifting for you. You could also enlist the help of family and friends by enticing them with pizza. If itís a new job that has you relocating to a new area, your employer may assist in covering your moving costs.

Do Your Homework

There are other alternatives to hauling your own boxes cross country. Shipping your belongings via the Greyhound or plane may be more cost-effective, so you need to do your homework and shop around. If you have larger pieces, Greyhound Pack Xpress offers low fees on bigger items.

Pack Wisely

Shipping and moving companies usually charge per box and not by weight. When youíre packing, you want to fit as many items as you possibly can in one package, without breaking your valuables.

Relax and Have Fun

Your moving trip shouldnít be all work. Try to pad some additional time into your move, so you can see locales that youíve always wanted to visit. If youíre driving, youíll find national and state parks a scenic option. If youíre traveling by plane, plan an extended layover somewhere fun.

Plan for Delays

Youíve spent a great deal of time planning your move. However, children, pets, construction and inclement weather can delay your car trip or flight. The farther the distance you intend to go, the more that can go wrong with your trip. To prepare for unexpected delays, allow for extra time and cash.

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