Social Media Risks of Posting Details About Your Move

Moving is often an event that brings with it excitement and positive change. And in today’s age of technology, such news is likely to be shared on social media. Posting about your move on social media is an efficient way of finding friends and family volunteers to help you with the big move. It's also a good way to inform everyone that they can now find you at a new address, rather than showing up to your old one. However, with growing technology comes bigger responsibility, it is important to be cautious and not provide important moving details on social media.

When announcing a move social media, try to find a middle ground when it comes to posting your location or address by using privacy settings, so that your specific location is only viewable by close friends and family. Another way of maintaining caution and keeping your privacy intact is to omit your exact address and location. Moreover, if you are keen to get moving help from friends and family, they can always private or direct message you on any social media platform for address details.

Announcing your move on social media definitely has its own set of perks, which can ultimately help uncover vital information about your new neighborhood and its surrounding areas. For example, friends and family who see your post on social media, and are familiar with your area can provide you with a plethora of useful information such as neighborhood demographics, crime reports, and recreational activities. The farther you are moving, the better it may be to solicit advice via social platform from friends and family about your future locale. Further, after seeing your post on social media, family and friends may be able to introduce you to their contacts, already living in your future locale. These new contacts can assist with getting situated in your new abode, along with teaching you the ropes of the new neighborhood.

It is extremely important, however, to be mindful of what information you disclose once your move is underway. At this time, it is wise to limit the details of your move to closest friends and family only. You are at your most vulnerable at the time of a move, therefore security experts have warned against publicly posting when you are not home. Publicly posting during this time can tip off would-be burglars and provide them with an opportunity to break-in. Similarity, this same risk carries over to posting pictures of moving trucks with your belongings in them. Doing so can give burglars precise dates and times during when you will be loading and unloading your moving van. In such a case, be sure to restrict your social media posts to friends and family only. By typing in keywords such as “visibility” or “privacy”, most social networks will generate links to information on how to make your posts more secure.

Furthermore, these same types of security risks can carry over to those relocating for a job. Whilst relocating, it makes the most sense to publicly share the name of the city of your relocations on professional networks such as LinkedIn. But even in cases of such sites, it is recommended to err on the side of caution and refrain from providing the exact address of your new home.

With social media becoming an essential part of our lives, it has become almost first instinct to post life events on social media. However, in the case of moving, it is best to wait until you've completely unloaded the moving van at your new location and started to unpack. Once you’ve settled in, go ahead and update your city and new job information on Facebook and share your adventures with friends, connections, and followers!

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