Stress Free Moving Tips for Summer

Most people prefer to move and relocate to a new property during the summer season when school's out and the home buying season is active. The warm weather also makes it easier to transport items to and from moving trucks and into a new home. For those who want a stress-free move, it's important to follow a few tips for an efficient process.

Change Your Address

Approximately four weeks from your move date, it's important to get organized and notify specific companies to ensure that your services are transferred. Provide your new address to the local post office to ensure that your mail is forwarded. It's also important to close accounts that are related to pest control, gardeners, and trash removal services.

You'll also want to begin searching for licensed and professional moving companies, find coupons, and read moving guides. Get quotes from moving companies to find a good deal that is affordable. Ask about the insurance that is included or if the company offers binding quotes.

It's also important to keep important documents on hand during the transition to ensure that everything is accessible and is easy to find, which includes your child's school records.

Take Inventory of Your Personal Belongings

Three weeks before your move date, it's important to begin cleaning through your home and tossing items that you don't want to take with you. Consider having a garage sale or donating the items to a local charity.

After hiring a professional moving company, look through your belongings and decide what will be coming with you to your next home. Consider having a garage sale or donating the items to avoid having to pack and transport as many boxes.

Start early by packing away clothing items or products that won't be needed for a few months to get a headstart on the process. You can also take photos of each room to make it easier to determine the placement of each furniture item in the new home.

Plan the Logistics of the Move

Approximately two weeks before you relocate, you'll need to work out the details of the move. Begin packing more items into boxes and ask about items that are not allowed if you're working with a professional mover. Pack plates vertically to prevent them from breaking and make travel arrangements for your pets if you're moving a long distance. You can also consider hiring a sitter or leaving your kids with a family member to ensure that they stay safe during the process. You'll also want to hire cleaning services to ensure that the interior setting is acceptable for the new residents.

Pack the Necessities

Pack the necessities to take with you as you move and pay the moving company in full with their preferred method of payment to avoid extra stress on moving day. After arriving at your new residence, take a tour of the property and look for gas and water shut off locations, along with the electrical breaker box.

Moving Day

Do a final sweep of your home to ensure that the doors and windows are locked before leaving. Once in your new home, unpack one box at a time and introduce yourself to the neighbors. Give yourself time to unpack, decorate, and take breaks to ensure that you begin to feel at home.

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